The Sustainable Innovation Programm

We empower mid and big sized organisations to execute sustainable, future-orientated projects on scale. 

Das Nachhaltige Innovationsprogramm

From idea to implementation in just 3 months! 

25% of the ideas executed within the program have been successfully implemented within 3 months.

The Impact Kickbox includes everything your employees need to bring future-oriented ideas and social innovation to success.


Innovators are empowered by a high degree of autonomy within the program and are thus strongly intrinsically motivated.


The Impact Kickbox is packed with the latest insights and proven tools for sustainable innovation.


We make impact innovation simple and tangible. Our process guides participants through the steps necessary to execute their exciting ideas.


There are 100+ coaches with entrepreneurial backgrounds and a lot of expertise in our network.


All innovators get their own budget for the development of the idea. We manage the accounting & taxation of all credit card purchases.


Divided into the 5 levels of the program, the online course offers lessons, videos & tools. Hosted in Germany!

How Impact Kickbox works
We have continuously developed the program through each of our 30+ implementations!

The Lean Impact approach is at our foundation. It drives the content as well as the process of Kickbox. Here are the three essential elements of the program:

Physical Kickbox

Each box is packed with helpful tips, templates, as well as important tools to get from a raw idea to an initial prototype or test.

Digital Platform

The online platform allows you to identify, filter and manage the participants in the program. It makes innovation visual and tangible.

Für die Teilnehmenden gibt es dort weiterführende Inhalte und Tools.  

1-on-1 Coaching

The task of the coach is to ask critical questions as well as to give tips, feedback, ideas & digital knowhow.

Unser Pool verfügt über 100+ Macher:innen und somit über eine riesige Erfahrung im Bereich von Lean Startup &  Lean Impact. 

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We empower dozens of organisations in sustainable innovation.

Most likely, we have already implemented an innovation programs at an organisation like yours.

Not sure who you should work with? No worries, we have years of experience from working with corporations as well as medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries.


empowered teams


supported organisations


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Together we will do good for the world and will create an intrapreneurship movement in your company in the process.

The program serves like a filter for the talented intrapreneurs in your organisation!

We set strong impulses and inspire your employees. You will notice that they are completely different people after their participation in the program.

It will take you 30 seconds to fill out the form - we will respond to all questions within a few hours!